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At we believe the following four key elements are necessary to assure projects are completed on time, within cost and to a high quality:

  • Sympathetic and innovative design

  • High quality detailing

  • Clear schedules of the requirements

  • Professional management of the construction process

Clients often tell us that they would like to extend their home but the extension they built a few years ago is now in the way. This is not an uncommon problem. At we understand that the design must reflect your lifestyle and consider how this may change over time. The design of your house, extension or refurbishment is not just about providing additional space but also how you will live in it.

Why do you need an architect? is a very good question, especially if your home or house alterations are quite small. Whether it be a large new build house or a small property refurbishment, can insure the best possible finish from your contractor by working closely with you and them until final completion. The services required depend on the size of the project and our flexible approach means you will only have to pay for those that are absolutely necessary. It is likely that your project will be a significant investment and by investing time and money at the outset will create savings in the long run. 

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