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beach house

Located on the beach front  in Moelfre, Anglesey, exist two small cottages with a sloped garden. At the top pf the garden is a small parcel of land with a view of the bay above the cottages. On this plot, the client intended to build a small bungalow or a house with a partial second story. Their ideal home would have two large bedrooms, one of which would have an en-suite bathroom and a walk-in closet. To take advantage of the views but keep the house private to the road we designed a building in which the front of the house is the home to bathrooms, utility space and cloaks, with small windows. The back is the living space and bedrooms with openings towards the sea. When entering, the user may see directly through to the sea view due to the front doors' glass construction. We used a split level to assist partially divide the spaces since the living area was entirely open. The designs make use of different glazing options including window seats, sliding doors, combination windows and glass to make up the space between the two roofs. Slate and stone were used in the design to make use of local resources, and some possibilities included a green roof to help the structure blend in with the surrounding gardens.  

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