Why Do I Need An Architect?

by architects-direct 20. April 2011 11:39

Avoiding professional fees is a very understandable strategy when it comes to making any alterations to the home. Contacting the local builder, telling him what you want and then letting him get on with it might seem to be a low cost approach. There are many builders out there who are well equipped to do this and may do a good job; there are also plenty who are not.

However, you should consider:

· Are you getting real value for money?

· Are the best quality materials specified and detailed?

· Are you getting the most out of the design?

· Does the design it really reflect your requirements?

The building industry has changed significantly in recent years. There are less and less building firms that employ the full range of skills required to build an extension or even make some small alterations to your home. Bricklayers, joiners, groundworkers, roofers, plumbers and electricians are all required when creating even a modest extension. A small general building contractor will typically have his own ‘trade’ and employ the others as subcontractors. This keeps fixed costs down for the builder and allows him to complete the job whatever is required.

One of the drawbacks for the homeowner is that you will have little or no control over who is working on their project. On what basis has the subcontractor been selected? Is it quality, cost or the fact that he ‘needs a favour doing’?

An architect can guide you at every stage of your project; design, detail, costing by contractors and operations on site.

An architect will interpret your requirements and unlock the potential of your property, working closely with you until the design is just right and achieves your objectives in the best possible way.

Carefully considered detailing, coupled with schedules of finishes ensure that the costs obtained from builders are as accurate as possible, avoiding the unexpected ‘oh, we haven’t priced for that!’ and ‘that will be extra!’ so often heard on site.

Effective management of your project on site means you can rest assured that all efforts are being made to ensure your project runs smoothly with your best interests at heart.

The overall cost of the finished project does not need to be higher because of the professional fees of the architect. The benefits of creative design, technical knowledge, specification of materials, management of contracts and control of costs, means that most projects will have a cost saving in the long run, and you will have a great deal of ‘peace of mind’.

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